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About Us

I Remember When LLC

     I have always loved history and the sentiments of which it reminds us. It was my fond memories of growing up in the 50’s that led me to begin “collecting” in the 70’s. After retiring from forty-eight years of teaching, I quickly found that this restless soul could not be stilled. I decided it was time for a change.
     Have you ever experienced the joy of finding an item you thought could never be found? Have you ever experienced the surprise in finding an item you never realized you were missing? I opened this store because I wish to share that joy and that surprise with others.
     “I Remember When” my parents and grand parents had and used many of the items I now have for sale. I want to help others re-visit the pleasant memories of their past and to find themselves saying “I Remember When” too. If I am able to do that, then I can truly say my life’s journey will have been a success.

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